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5 years old
Showing, Pony Club and Dressage
🖤 Pinfolds Patchy Pony 🤍 Based East Sussex, Crowborough Patchy is a 5yo 13hh Gelding who is absolutely stunning with 2 wall eyes (blue). He is a very pretty boy and gets compliments from everyone from farriers to random passers by. He really would excel in the showing world as his looks are off the chart and he is dripping in feather, mane and tail. Patchy tries his heart out for his rider and is currently ridden by a 14 year old girl. He hacks alone and in company, schools alone and in company and absolutely loves playing and learning tricks with his best friend. Patchy would probably excel in dressage too as he really has the natural talent and comes round when asked, he placed 4th in his first ever test and his riders first ever test. Only 0.25% away from the same score as 3rd and 2nd place which were joint scores. I know all his ridden history as was backed by us. He jumps which for a tiny little cob is so cute, he’s a point at it and will do it type. Patchy at only 5 himself is very good at giving my 5 year old jumping bred mare confidence in the arena and on hacks as she is very spooky but patchy is very calm with her. Patchy is very enthusiastic when it comes to hacking, he is much more forward so would possibly need a lead if for a kid unless quite happy for that or a stronger child. Absolutely nothing nasty about him at all he just loves hacking ! (Who doesn’t) Patchy has been out in my horse box and will continue going to events till sold, he’s been XC, Dresssge and showjumping. He loads in my box and he’s been in a trailer. I try my best training my horses with all the knowledge they need to be a best friend for many years for someone. He turned out for the first time in 3 months and was led all the way by my partner who’s scared of horses not matter how small 😂 he can jog a bit but that’s probably to keep up with me as when walking slow he does not. He goes on a horse walker, he is in mixed turnout with my 3 mares and my other gelding, he’s good to be caught, groomed, bathed (he does get very excited after a bath because who doesn’t!?!?!), he was good for the farrier when I thought he’d be nervous, he’s good for the vet. Patchy was nervous when I clipped him, he’s only a baby and hadn’t experienced this before with time he will probably be fine as he’s learned everything is ok so far from picking up feet to being broken. Lots of positive associations for him. He’s up to date with everything and fit and ready to be the bestest pony for someone 🫶 Loving home is a must 🏡
East Sussex

LNM Equine Services & Bennys Bowl Equine Nutrition

East Sussex