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Gorgeous sensible chap

Abigail Spinks in West Midlands

17 years old
British Riding Pony
Dressage, Happy Hacker and Riding Club
Leo 14.2 British Riding Pony 17 years old gelding, fully registered with the NPS. Would suit a mother/daughter share, dressage, happy hacker, low level riding club. Fantastic pony so deserves the best and we will be picky ! He has fabulous confirmation and the temperament to match. He’s more kick than go, so if your looking for a speedy pony in the arena he’s not the one for you. He’s full history is known, only had 3 homes. Prior to us having him he was in a 10 year home where they did pony club activities, hunting, fun rides and hacking. Hasn’t hunted with us. He’s been very well loved and looked after, but feel he’s hanging his pony club boots up and ready to find a fun, non competitive long term home. He’s got nothing more to prove He will hack alone and in company (slightly more looky on his own). He’s seen farm machinery, motorbikes, caravans, cyclists, lorries. We live close to the motorway so has motorway bridges to go under. Will also hack on a 60 mph main country road where he’s had cars come past at 80 mph, cars pip horns and has taken that all in his stride. He’s more likely to look or spook at a horse in the hedge rather than any traffic. In the school he turns into a right dressage star. He will work in 3 lovely balanced paces and will work in an outline. He’s more kick than go in this area. He covers the ground lovely and has super flashy paces so can see him doing well in local showing or dressage. He’s well schooled and would label him verging on a schoolmaster. He knows what he’s doing, he won’t appreciate someone hanging off his mouth especially in canter so will tell you if you hold him too tight. Loves his polework and have taken him out to clinics which he’s really enjoyed. He will be happy to pop a jump now and again but ideally looking for a non jumping home for him now he’s slightly older and prefers his flatwork and pole work. Has the odd spook at times, nothing nasty. Typical of the breed Loads and travels well, only seen him in a trailer. Will stable but prefers to live out. He’s a easy going type, a good doer. Currently front shod and great for the farrier. Good with the hose. Great to clip no sedation needed. Up to date with dentist, vaccinations, physio. Can be a fidget at times for grooming (only found this the first few weeks) very clean legs He’s a very sweet boy looking for his last forever home. I’m in no rush, home is paramount so happy to wait until the right home comes along. We feel at some point in his life he has had a bout of laminitis. So we treat him like a good doer. We’ve had no issues with us at all, this is just from what our trusted farrier has said. He passed a 2 stage vetting when we purchased - paperwork available He will come with his full bridle work and rugs Homes will be vetted and references asked for - please bare in mind he’s a 17 year old pony with mileage. If you want a more experienced pony he’s certainly that.
West Midlands

Abigail Spinks

West Midlands