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Irish sports horse gelding!

Izzy Caston in Knutsford

9 years old
Irish sports horse
Zach! A great horse for someone who hasn’t got 10k to outlay on an Irish sports horse but has lots patience and time to be one on one. Green passport! Zach arrived to me after being stopped and started from a dear friend who couldn’t bare to see him doing nothing in a field. Although green he’s never been nasty. He has came on leaps and bounds in the time I’ve been schooling him and I just know with consistency he is going to be someone’s complete best friend. He hacks, pops a jump and schools nicely in 3 paces. He is not cold backed! But can be tense when first getting on this is improving everyday and he has never bucked or reared he just literally feels tense I just keep my leg on and a contact and away we go. He has a huge jump on him as I’ve seen him hop 1 metre from a stand still when he arrived I put him straight out on a field full of lush grass (2 acres!) - my error he did not want to be caught and hopped the fence was caught eventually. He would make a smashing hunter. He’s just green and weak and is building up so lovely. He will be worth double by the end of the year but unfortunately owner needs funds. Knowledgeable 5* homes only. Open to any bloods/vetting. It has been so rewarding being apart of his journey and seeing him actually do a job! I would happily buy him myself to produce and make some money on end of year but unfortunately due to personal circumstances I can’t! If you think you can offer Zach his forever home please do get in touch. He really deserves his forever.

Izzy Caston