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Perfect pony club / hunt / hack

Hundleby Equestrian Centre in Spilsby

6 years old
Cob cross
All Rounder, Pony Club and Hunting
Open to sensible offers. Genuine pony club pony / first pony / first ridden / hunting pony 13.1 coloured 6 year old gelding. Apollo is perfect all rounder in many ways. He loves to pop fences, and has seen fillers, rustic and XC type fences and will do a sweet dressage test with minimal hassle. Apollo’s true love is in the outdoors, he loves to do hunt rides, hack and cross country. Although he is 110% in the school and will go round and round all day long, he will never go faster than he needs to. He finds school work a little boring and will lift his back leg up a little if you tap him on the bum with a whip! Doesn’t do this out hacking or if you tap his shoulder. He’s seen hounds, been led at the back of a large cross country ride from another horse and also is happy to go upfront. He would happily stay out and look after your child hunting all day. He is snaffle mouthed at all times whether he’s at the back of front and isn’t strong or silly at all and has been ridden by tiny tots right through to competent riders. Walks happily past road works, skips, horses galloping in the field, dogs barking - you name it, he doesn’t look. Done all PC activities with our riding school such as Horse Ball, Beach days, Games, SJ clinics, Dressage clinics, hunt and cross country rides and all types of competitions. Good to shoe, box and clip; practically loads himself into the lorry and doesn’t need to be tied up to clip. Apollo is a first pony through and through and would be a great asset to bring a child off a lead rein and additionally to help a child step up. He’d also be a great one to put your nan on! Never goes faster than he needs to and therefore not for someone who enjoys going whizzy but more for a child / adult that wants a best friend and confidence building. He’s popped 60cm fences with us and we haven’t pushed him higher due to his age. spent a year in our riding school and it’s time for him to find his forever home. No LWVTB or payment plans. Comes with all tack and rugs. Just under mid 4 figures and Lincolnshire based.

Hundleby Equestrian Centre