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Polly -Hunting /Pc Cob

Vicki Rogers in Devon

9 years old
All Rounder, Hunting and Pony Club
Polly Pocket! Fantastic 13.1 hh Hunting/PC cob! 9 yo Polly is a fab pony who always has a smile on her face and a can do attitude! She is fun and nicely forward but never strong or silly. She has a nice regular stride and stays in the pace you put her in. She hunts in a snaffle and has taken a lead rein on a fun ride and an another day a 14yo girl - jumping all the jumps (80cm!) Groups don't bother her and she isn't phased by fillers- although we have done very little of this ourselves as we bought her for the hunting and hacking! She does find jumping more exciting though as she is a little green for this- but willing and keen! She has done rallies and Xc schooling, happily jumping all the 60 and 70cm jumps around our local PC course (Cuttery) and jumping everything in her way. She jumped into water, open ditches, brush, houses - the lot! She went out for her first competition at southcott the other day and came 2nd with a clear in the 65cm HT. Then the following few weeks she came 2nd in the 70 cm HT at cuttery- both times clear. She is the easiest pony in the world to look after- she is good to clip and that's all she needs. She lives out/ but equally happy in a stable- in company or on her own. She never stresses or bothers. She is good to shoe, and manages with or without- although needs fronts for hunting our country (a lot of road! 🙈) She'll stand on a lorry all day long in fact anywhere with a haynet! She really is a sweet relaxed happy go lucky pony! Perfect to hack and in traffic riding along our main road (60mph road- with buses and tractors and lorries flying past!) She will wear any thing you put her in and looks after it all really well! Not a rip in her rug to date! Sadly we don't have enough time for her as we already have two other ponies and my son grew too tall too quick so she is wasted with us. A lovey family home wanted for this dear girl with a variety of work - ideally with some hunting as she does love it! I've hunted her myself as I'm 5'5 so a great mother daughter share for a smaller mum! 🤩👍 She really is a sort hard to find. She is currently in a local yard with a girl to gain more jumping and Ponyclub experience and proving to be fab at this and would love to be doing more... although they are also going to enjoy hunting her too! 🤩👏🦄 POA

Vicki Rogers