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Katie Lord in Rochester

7 years old
Welsh Section
Riding Club, Pony Club and All Rounder
** JACK 7yrs 12,2 Welsh section PC pony** Jack is AMAZING with children, you can climb on him, use him as a slide, tie bins to him… basically do what ever you like. - He turns out alone or in a herd quite happily, and he is a very happy and sociable pony, he has previously lived out 24/7, but likes his stable. - He is 100% safe to, shoe, box, Clip and has always been bare foot. - He has clean legs, no previous injuries to date. -Jack is very handsome, eye catching and he knows it, he would make a lovely show pony. My son William has transformed him into a PC pony over the last three years, he will happily pop a course of jumps and consistently has a double clear, always in the ribbons. He has won many small jumping competitions and local shows, and attented mini camp three times. He enjoys PC rallies and loves hacking. He is more suited to jumping smaller courses, anything over 50cm is not his forte. Jack will happily be used as a lead rein pony at home, he loves small children and my little boys often ride him around the yard. He has been ridden by various children, and small adults he happily hacks out alone or in company, not worried by traffic or anything really. He schools beautifully and will work on a lovely outline. He has done some small XC courses and seems unfazed by water, he enjoys the stream at camp. Jack is a typical welsh pony with oodles of personality, he comes to call, can do a spanish walk and likes to be centre of attention at all times. Up to date with everything!

Katie Lord