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Potential PC, MGA and BSJA Pony in the Making

india rain in North Yorkshire

5 years old
Part Bred Welsh B
Pony Club, Show Jumping and All Rounder
POA for privacy not because she is expensive. Reluctant and heartbreaking sale of our gorgeous mare due to no fault of her own, we just don’t have a jockey for her. She is a Welsh B Part Bred (13.2hh) with HOYS Champion showing lines including Greenbarrow Mr Smee (Rotherwood Peter Pan). We currently have a teen riding her for us a couple of times as week and has fallen in love with her as she is the sweetest natured mare I have ever come across. Can be lead around the yard by small 5 and 6 year olds and she is as good as gold for them. The most intelligent and bravest pony I have ever met. Has been cross country schooling, went in the water (walk, trot and cantered through), jumped logs, ditches, tyres, banks etc. Never stops/refuses. Absolutely loves her jumping and has jumped a course of 60cm at home and 80cm loose schooling. Has so much scope to go higher but she is being slowly produced. She’s a real speed machine so will do well in the speed rounds. She’s a really special pony, often described as an old head on young shoulders as she is so level headed. She’s a gorgeous mover with really flashy paces and will be a real head turner in the ring. She is a horse in a pony’s body so would make an ideal step up for someone coming off tiny ponies. Not a novice ride as she is still green however she isn’t strong or silly and has brakes! Would be a real contender for MGA/PC as she has a competitive attitude and is very agile due to her being so petite. She has seen mounted games equipment and although wary at first, she took a shine to the sport and was happy having flags waved above and next to her, cups banged on sticks etc. Never spooks or naps, no bolting, rearing, bucking at all, happy to hack out alone and in company. Will stride out in front or go behind. Good to clip, farrier, dentist, loads first time and will travel by herself or with one other. Loves to be fussed with and will stand for hours to be groomed/bathed. Happy to live in or out and can be turned out with mares and geldings (never brings herself into season around geldings!). Would love to see this girl go to a home where she can reach her full potential and have a little jockey who can grow up with her and ultimately become her best friend as this is what she is craving.
North Yorkshire

india rain

North Yorkshire