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Saint of a horse who will do any job!

Hesteyri Horses in Lydney

12 years old
Eventing, Dressage and Riding Club
Agent Gibbs is one of the most chilled out easy horses we've ever owned! He hacks alone or in company. He never gets silly and we've put many novices on him, including two 10 year old kids who both adored him, one was a hack with four other horses and the little us girl riding him was off the lead rein and riding in front and behind. His school work is beautifully balanced and correct, he is responsive off the leg and he scored 38 (62%) in his first ever dressage test. His jumping is also impressive and he is straight and brave to a jump. He has been to multiple busy venues for jumping and dressage training and competitions, and was his usual saintly self, warming up calmly and doing a brilliant job of his outings! He is an absolute cross country machine and will jump anything he's pointed at, has jumped up to Novice level cross country schooling and excelled in tricky combinations. At a fun ride, he'll go first or last, nanny other horses and go from a gallop back to a relaxed walk. He is always snaffle mouthed and comes back as soon as you ask him to. He was the only horse on the yard who I could trust to go on a gallop hack with my heavily pregnant sister, and know what he would be 100% in all ways. His ground manners are impeccable. He's a great calming influence on other horses, and is perfect for the farrier and just about every other job you could imagine. He was clipped loose in a stable with no issue at all. He inspires confidence and could suit a novice rider all the way up to an eventer. With the progress he has already made and the way he works so naturally, he's well on the way to being a school master, but he's already worth his weight in gold because we can trust him completely with any level of rider. Saddle included in price.

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