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Special and talented Connemara pony

Ashlea silk-jones in Essex

4 years old
Show Jumping, All Rounder and Pony Club
Full Connemara 4yo gelding sired by the famous “ I love you melody “. Sprite measures a little over 14.1hh, if you are looking for a 148 pony he is the perfect height at 4 years old, still growing he will make a full up 14.2hh! He has been schooled professionally, sprite is so easy we do not have to do much as he is very smart for his age obtaining great balance with a canter you would enjoy sitting to for hours, along with a great understanding of leg aids with a soft mouth naturally riding in an outline walk trot and canter, we have not forced it…… it’s his natural way of going. He is showing a good shape over jumps, we are taking it slow….but all I can say is omg I wish all ponies and horses were so easy and willing to jump! He has NEVER said no and I mean from his very first jump!! Sprite doesn’t know what stop means, no matter what…..long stride or deep he will jump. On the ground - Sprite is the easiest pony I have ever owned! A complete gentleman…… he walks around a busy industrial estate with loud bangs and big lorries zooming past, he does not even turn to look let alone spook or flinch! He is easy to bath, brush and good for the farrier to trim. Sprite will happily live out in the field or live in the stable, in the summer he was out at night on his own and didn’t care! He would also be perfect to turn out with company. The same as on the ground he is happy to work in a loud busy environment. He is 4 years old so of course he is a little green but he has it all there and is actually working under saddle a year in advance. He has never bucked ,reared or bolted…. He really is a gentleman who wants to work and learn. He has been ridden and jumped by 9-12 year old kids under professional tuition, and schooled professionally by small adults. Sprite is a future top BS pony, pony club pony or the perfect all rounder. Sound, very clean limbs and good feet. Please text or WhatsApp me with interest to arrange a phone call.

Ashlea silk-jones