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Stunning 12.1 Palomino Second Pony

Nikki Dixon in Leeds

7 years old
Welsh X
Pony Club, Show Jumping and Eventing
Finding a first ridden that is a true first ridden is so hard! We thought we had found one in Pip but, after persevering for 7 months we have made the tough decision that she is not the right pony for my daughter and needs to go to a home where she has a confident jockey who wants a pony to have lots of fun on. It's as simple as that - she is a gorgeous pony - we've just bought her a couple of years too early. If I could afford it I would put her on loan until my daughter is ready for her but unfortunately I need to sell her to allow us to find a true first ridden. About Pip: Official name: Doylan Golden Sand Girl Up to date with: Farrier (she is barefoot); Dentist; Vaccinations Passport: Green (Welsh Cross Arab) Bit: Snaffle mouthed What we love about Pip: She's a very quick learner She's very honest She's very pretty Once she gains your trust she is very trusting back She's looked after our little jockey (a very petite 9 year old) She has beautiful paces She travels well She's adaptable and lives in or out She can really jump! What we don't love so much: She's a mare -she can be grumpy! She can get impatient and paw the ground She can be stubborn e.g. she travels really well but sometimes needs a little encouragement to load - it depends on how she is feeling! What we've done with her: Hacking - alone and in company and she is great in traffic. She loves going out on a hack. She will look at some things but all she needs is reassurance from her rider and it gives her the confidence. She responds well to the voice Pony club - rally's and games training Pony days - flatwork and jumping lessons Weekly lessons - flatwork and jumping Local shows - Walk & Trot class What Pip loves: To have a job - we have had a confident jockey on board and Pip loved having a job to do and being ridden by a competent jockey - jumping a course, schooling and a good blast in the field! Having a strong voice on the ground to guide her Being washed Lickits and her carrot toy! The perfect home: Experienced Pony friends available (she's happy on her own but even happier with friends in the field) Grazing and space to have a good run round and play (she's happy to be out 24/7 or in. We currently bring her in during the day and out at night. When she is in she's is the only one in but is absolutely fine being on her own. Through the winter she was out 24/7) The perfect jockey: Confident child/ small teenager/ small adult who wants to compete - she would excel at eventing and would make a very good games pony. We have done some low level games and she wasn't spooked by anything, she just needs a more confident jockey on board to give her the confidence. She is not a first ridden, definitely a second pony. In a few years time she will be great for my daughter but she's just not ready for her yet

Nikki Dixon