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Talented Hunter (Honest Advert!)

Georgie Selley in Colyton

11 years old
Irish sports horse
Hunting, Eventing and Show Jumping
Tarzan: 17h 11yro Irish Gelding By West Coast Cavalier (Cavalier royale) out of a Diamond Lad mare. Let’s start with the good points 😇🤣 Tarzan is a fabulous looking horse. Although he’s tall, he’s a super compact stamp. He always looks amazingly well, no matter how much work you give him. He’s very cheap to keep and easily maintains condition. He is well up to carrying weight and his current rider is 6ft 3 (16st). He absolutely loves people and attention and wants to be everyone’s best friend. He has been with us since a 5yro. We did do some small one day events with him when he was younger, but for the past 5years has been used solely as a hunt horse, including field mastering. He absolutely loves life, but especially his hunting! 💚There is no reason why he couldn’t do some showjumping and eventing as well. He’s not a difficult horse to jump at all and has been popped over some fences at home by a small teenager. He is (generally) a nice easy horse to hack out and about. He really does have some serious scope. Has jumped the top of the wings playing around over showjumps at home and has crossed the biggest vale country. He is super over a gate, hedge or trappy rail. Has a great sense of self preservation and is very neat and clever. He has a serious engine and can really cover the ground. We have never got to the bottom of him as I really don’t think he has one. However… Tarzan is a total knob… His biggest downfall is his super sized personality, he is not for everyone. Life to Tarzan is one big game, and not everyone shares his sense of humour! 🤪 He has been hunted up front and in the field (but is less annoying up front). He is not strong at all, but equally he is not a donkey. We don’t think he will pass a 5 stage vet, however he is without a doubt the toughest horse we have every had. Never ever sick or sorry, no matter how hard he is hunted. In all the years we’ve had him we cannot recall him needing to see the vet for anything other than teeth / jabs. You could give him 3 hard days in a row and he would still bounce out the stable like Tigger on the 4th day. 🐯 There isn’t really anything he won’t do, but sometimes it has to be on his terms. He loads and travels in both a lorry and trailer, but we unload him backwards from a trailer. While there is no malice in him at all, his ego can become quite irritating to handle at times. Ultimately Tarzan does want to please and he just wants to keep everyone entertained. If he was a person he’d be the kid in class who is clever & talented, but ends up in detention because he’s trying to be the class clown. 😅 Available as his present rider is in his 60s and really Tarzan is a young man’s horse who would love to be out hunting multiple times a week. He is not suitable for anyone nervous or looking for a confidence giver. While we do curse him at times… this hasn’t been the easiest decision to make. We do all have a soft spot for this fella so the right home is important. Currently hunting fit and ready to go. Some video footage on the link below:

Georgie Selley


Small producers of sports horses based in East Devon.