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Tiny Tots SJ/ WHP

BJW International Horses in Bridgwater

10 years old
All Rounder, Show Jumping and Pony Club
😭🦄Castlefields Toffee Pops 🦄😭 2013 Irish Gelding Roughly 11.2 but as he rides uphill and responsive he rides bigger. In mine and Kikis eyes he is an absolute unicorn! I can completely and utterly trust him with my 4 year old in everyway. If it wasn’t for Toffee she would absolutely not be where she is now. He’s taught her to learn courses and then canter courses and give her the confidence that anything is possible. He’s gotten her to the point she’s ready to go on to BS ponies. Previously to us he had taken a child from not being able to even rising trot to being able to ride completely independently. However the child hit a brick wall when coming to competing him and he would cheekily drag her around a bit. Nothing nasty but he knows if a kid isn’t game! However a bit change sorted this. I did give her a lesson on him and when she was switched on with him they were fabulous. Toffee absolutely thrives off a gun- ho switched on kid hence why him and Kiki have bonded so well. He can jog out hacking unless he’s at the front in a big group. Kiki finds this hilarious but to make a point we will ride and lead him and keep him at the back and he’s soon back in his box. Previous mother and daughter home shared many memories cantering across the hills. He recently won the Area Mini PC Showjunping Qualifier at KSEC. If you are a parent that wants a robot for your child he is not for you and not a home I want for him. My kids learn on ‘normal’ ponies which in turn makes them ride like they do. Xpoles and small uprights he would absolutely carry anyone round and you do not need to be straight and quite frankly could ride him back to front around it. His limit in the ring I feel with a child Kikis size is 55cms but I’m on about a Chard 55cms so a substantial full up one. However she has jumped 60cms at Badgworth BS Schools for a pole. If I could afford to do it all I would keep him for the Cradle Stakes classes next year as I feel he would be a machine for all the county shows and qualifiers. I could not of asked for a better starter competition pony for my child especially as she is so young and small. He has the most amazing canter and very rarely launches her over a fence. All traits I need to find in the next which is proving impossible. I wish I could stretch him to give him those longer legs for the bigger jumps 😭😭😭 He’s an absolute superstar at what he does but I’m not prepared to push him to the next level and break his heart hence sale. Anyone that follows me on my personal fb will know what an absolute machine he’s been for her with lots of videos. Strictly no time wasters as this is going to be heartbreaking for me and Kiki.

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