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Ultimate teenagers dream horse

Hannah Cook in Thetford

17 years old
Flea-bitten Grey
Millie is looking for a gutsy teenager that wants to have a lot of fun. Don’t let her age put you off in the slightest, she is as sound and healthy as 6 year old with a work ethic and love of sport. Absolutely safe as houses, bombproof and you could stick your granny on her to hack. Farm machinery, pigs, cows, traffic, she really couldn’t care less, can be ridden on the buckle and is sane and sensible. Millie has been training, working and competing all spring and has just gotten better and better. Qualified for Horseevents Unaffiliated 80cm ODE Finals on her first outing and first never ODE at Poplar Park, with this being the first time she or the rider had done a dressage test and never seen XC fences! Millie has since been out XC schooling and has jumped everything asked of her including a few of the 100cm fences. There isn’t a fence you can put in front of this horse it won’t jump, she loves it. We have done lots of showjumping at home learning to not belt round at full speed and to actually jump. She has competed at 80/90cm and in training has been jumping courses up to 1.20m. The bigger they are the better she jumps. Can be quick but isn’t naughty, but does require a rider that is capable of sitting her back into a fence. We have also had her out arena Eventing including Suffolk County Show, where again the atmosphere, busy ring, tannoy and jumps that we haven’t seen before were no worry to her. On the flat, Millie has 3 good paces and will work in a good outline and self carriage. She will do simple changes and basic lateral work. She is very easy on the flat and has been ridden by a range of riders from novices to more experienced riders. She hasn’t hunted but is so bold that I have no doubt she will absolutely love it. Character wise Millie is again just a pleasure to have around. She is a very sweet, kind and cuddly mare that absolutely lovely a best friend to enjoy life with. She is super easy to shoe, clip, bath, groom, catch and handle. She loads well, an occasional extra butt on the bum is required but never not loaded within 30secs. Millie has never reared, bucked, bolted or had a nasty moment and is truly one of those special horses that are rare to find. Millie has had a foal by Ashdale Legend, birthing a strapping chestnut colt in 2023. She proved an excellent mother. She does have a few melanoma under her tail but these don’t affect her at all. She is overall a very sound, healthy and happy horse, that is fit and ready to continue the season Eventing or Showjumping. Home is very important and we would love to see Millie out enjoying life with a teenager that wants a fun horse, that is more of a big pony. Would also be the perfect mother daughter share. Excellent facilities at current yard to test her out. Based in Norfolk, just outside Snetterton. Only for sale as I can’t keep 3.

Hannah Cook