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Very smart project

Hollie Moakes in Colchester

7 years old
Dapple Grey
New forest
All Rounder
I brought Rio last year as a project, he’d done pretty much nothing before I got him and has proven he really is the sweetest most genuine boy, he has taken absolutely everything I’ve thrown at him in his stride. He’s been to arena hires, beach rides etc and has behaved impeccably every time. He is an angel to hack alone and in company, he’s never been phased by any traffic (doesn’t take a blind bit of notice to tractors, buses, lorries etc). He is a real solid stamp of a pony and would certainly excel in the show ring. He has 3 great paces and works very naturally in an outline. Rio had the winter off to process a busy summer and his first 4 months of his ridden career, I literally pulled him in from the field last week, put his tack on and took him for a hack- he was quite literally perfect. Although Rio is very sweet and honest, he is a bit of a nervous soul, he comes out of his shell once he’s settled but just hadn’t been handled much previous to coming to me so needs some time to trust you. He can be a bit nappy if taken from his friends and they’re out of sight but has never been an issue. He is very babyish and green for his age. Rio needs schooling to really establish himself and is by no means ready to go out and compete however I really don’t think it will be long until he’s in the rosettes, I simply don’t have time to produce him to his maximum capabilities and therefore have decided to move him on, I’m in no rush for him to go and will continue hacking and loving him until he finds his perfect home.

Hollie Moakes