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Tab Smith in Leicestershire

7 years old
Dark Brown
All-Rounder, Dressage and Eventing
Crazy Mary (aka Winky) 16’1 dark brown Thoroughbred 7 year old mare for sale. Owned for just shy of a year, came straight from trainer so full history known from birth. Raced 3 times in her career proving too slow. Schools beautifully in all 3 paces, natural outline and a rocking horse canter. Snaffle mouthed and is super soft in the hand. Hacks alone or in company, great in traffic and open spaces. Currently babysitting a youngster we have in. In full work, but doesn’t need riding every day, can have a few weeks off then jump on and she’s the same. Doesn’t buck or rear. Never sick or sorry. 100% to shoe, load, travel etc. Lives in or out, currently out 24/7 for the summer, but was stabled through the bad weather over winter. Turns out with mares or geldings, is a softy so doesn’t cause any trouble. No vices at all, up to date with vaccines and farrier. Been to arena hires, pole clinic, showjumping training, XC training, hacked all round beacon hill not putting a foot wrong. Jumped fillers first time etc proving keen and confident. Showing so much potential to be a top class eventer, or ROR, she’s got the presence, the build, moves and the scope! Not a novice ride due to her pure talent, isn’t a kick along, is a responsive ride and enjoys a kind quiet rider. She does have a small mobile lump in her armpit which I’m assuming is a sarcoid, it hasn’t changed in shape or size since I’ve owned her and the area it is means it doesn’t cause any restriction or issues. Seeking a forever home for her, I’m in no rush and will carry on taking her out and about this summer as I love her to bits and she’s been a pleasure to re train. Asking just over mid 4 figures due to lump in armpit, she really is worth a hell of a lot more but I appreciate it does reduce value to some people. Home is more important than price. Open to vetting and multiply viewings etc. Absolute bargain for a stamp of horse like this! Please PM me or call 07988250160 for any more information, I have 100’s of pictures and videos and anyone who knows Winky will sing her praises, she’s the kindest mare, no time wasters need apply.

Tab Smith