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Blondie - Most kind hearted pony

Grace Booth in North Yorkshire

5 years old
welsh x Irish type
All Rounder, Pony Club and Showing
Stunning Palomino 5yr mare, Unrecorded breeding but a welsh/irish type. The most kind hearted little pony and all she wants to do is please. Blondie came to me in a very poor condition, underweight, very sore and hairless pink skin. we've taken everything slow with her, her weight is built up, coat is glowing and just thriving ready to have loads of fun. She is now just the happiest pony you will ever see. Blondie hacks out like a dream and she loves going on adventures. Tractors .. lorries .. motorbikes .. anything can pass her and she'll barely turn her head to even look. She's green in the school due to her age, shes getting better week by week but shes never been pushed or forced, still needs to built muscle and balance. She has the most awesome paces and extremely active hind leg action, for this reason she does have a very bouncy uphill trot - which I think a complete novice will struggle to sit to. She would never dream of bucking/rearing. if she's in a situation where she doesn't understand something she'll just stick her head up. Not spooky in the slightest, just started popping over little fences and shes bold and brave , never says no, done all fillers first time every time, still just learning where her feet are. Upto date with teeth , farrier ( unshod ) worming, Vaccinations are being started this week. No lumps / bumps / vices / health issues. Shes not a schoolmistress, shes a kind , genuine pony that loves fuss and attention, loves to learn and ready to flourish - whether that be as a happy hacker / pleasures rides, or a potential allrounder / pony club pony. open to offers - 5* home priority thats going to give her the love and attention she deserves .
North Yorkshire

Grace Booth

North Yorkshire

Grace booth