What is Whickr?

The Whickr App is a digital community for UK equestrians to effortlessly browse, buy, and sell horses & ponies. Our website has a whole range of information, including a blog that you can check out here and the answers to some FAQs. Pre register today to be one of the first equestrians to download the app being built for buying and selling horses.

Who are the people behind Whickr?

We’re Brooke Allan and Andrew Amy, two of the founders of Whickr (supported by a little technical help along the way). We’re equestrians who have built careers away from the equine world. Feel free to check us out on Facebook and send along any questions you have for us!

We also regularly feature blogs from our friends in the wonderful world of horses who speak from their own experience and offer fresh perspectives. Be sure to give them a read.

Why are you building an app for buying and selling horses?

When searching for a horse to buy (our big 18.2 chestnut, Plato), we looked for an app to meet our needs in the equine world. When we realised that none existed that allowed UK equestrians to browse, buy, and sell horses, we knew we had to get involved ourselves.

It seemed crazy that in this day and age there wasn’t a platform for such a key element of the equestrian community. If no-one else was going to provide us with the app we wanted, then we’d do it!

How do I download the app?

Whickr App is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android – and it’s completely free!

How does Whickr work?

Once you’ve downloaded the app, all you need to do is enter some basic details and you can begin browsing the horses and ponies advertised for sale. 

Buyers can search on the browse page, and add in any filters they want, in two different view types. Sellers can upload advert details — including photos and videos — straight from their phone, with an option to include one link to a YouTube channel if desired.

How much does it cost to advertise my horse?

Whickr App is completely free to download and browse for buyers of horses. For sellers of horses, the full price is £24.99. Currently there’s a 20% promotional discount on price per advert to £19.99. Click here for more information on advertising your horse on the Whick app.

What if I’m a yard or professional horse producer?

If you plan to advertise multiple horses using our app, we have a subscription plan for £59.99 per month for 5 adverts live at any one time. To do this please contact the team here at Whickr at tackroom@whickr.com. Click here for more information on advertising horses on the Whick app.

How many photos and videos of my horse can I use in my advert?

The horse advert will include a title, basic information such as height and age, three to five photos, two 30-second videos, and YouTube videos.

Where can I view the advert of my horse?

You can view all of your adverts — live or in draft — on your Profile page under My Adverts.

Can I alter my horse’s advert once it’s published?

Absolutely. To make changes to your adverts, visit your Profile page, and then My Adverts. Click into the advert you’d like to edit and make any required changes.

Can I only upload adverts via the app?

If you’re someone with a lot of horses to sell, get in touch with our team at tackroom@whickr.com or reach out to us on Facebook, to discuss the different options we can offer.

What if my advert doesn’t load?

If you experience any difficulties with an advert, or any other aspect of the app, please contact the team at tackroom@whickr.com or reach out to us on Facebook, and we’ll do our best to help.

How long will the advert of my horse be displayed?

After three months (90 days), if your horse or pony has not been sold, we reserve the right to take the advert down.

Why is my horse marked as sold still being advertised?

Horses and ponies successfully sold through the app will still be available for other buyers to view for seven days after being marked as sold. After that week, the adverts will be removed.

Can I browse horse & pony adverts on the website as well as the app?

Our website includes information and blog content, but at the moment, we’re focusing our efforts on building an amazing app through which you can browse, sell, and buy horses. We may bring Whickr to laptops and computers at some point, so never say never, but our priority is a seamless app experience.

What should I do if I don’t like what someone has posted?

If you see an advert with content or images you don’t approve of, please report it to us immediately, for review and removal. We reserve the right to remove inappropriate or misleading adverts at any time. Please contact the team at, tackroom@whickr.com.