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14.2hh allround/ happy hack

Sophie Hamilton equestrian in Wokingham

14 years old
All Rounder, Happy Hacker and Mother-daughter share
14.2hh 14yo cob Very smart and nicely put together. He has been in the same home since a 4yo, but owner sadly no longer has the time he deserves. He loves to jump, and has a great technique, nice and careful, likes to leave the fences up! Keeps a lovely rhythm in to the fence. Jumping up to 90cm with myself and room for more. In the school he can be nappy, the first ride in the arena he did this at the gate. This is a slow down and a cow kick when a crop is used. Since then at time of writing he has only done it once when filming, after a bit of a break chatting he thought he was finished (I have a video of it). His owner has informed me as he gets fitter this improves/ the nap goes. It’s easy enough to ride through. He’s not nasty or sharp just cheeky! He enjoys jumping and pole work and would suit a home that mainly wants jump or do pole work when riding In the arena rather than round and round the outside of the arena. He works well in an outline, prefers to work long and low, with a beautiful steady canter like a western pleasure horse! Hacking, he is a wonderful gent to hack. Goes in front of behind, down the road, good in open spaces, goes through the Ford and pops logs. On his own with me he did hesitate to leave the yard and need a couple of kicks to get going but fine once going. He also did call. His owner has said both these behaviours are not usual of him. But it’s a big change to come from home having been with his owner for so long to me. I assume he will also be the same with a new owner and need someone to build a bond with! His owner has informed me the only problem she has had hacking him is sometimes he likes a snack. This has not been a problem with myself. His other quirk is leading, his owner and livery yard found he could be cheeky to lead and decide to wonder off somewhere else when he wanted, they started leading him in a chifney which has been good to lead in. With myself he has not tried on this behaviour and I have led him in just a head collar. He is good for the farrier, to clip and to load (sometimes needs a lunge whip behind him but this is due not travelling very often) can be a little bargy in the stable, not nasty just if you are standing around with the door wide open he may try his luck and can fidget a little to tie up. He will live in or out happily. He has been out and about in the box to go hacking and was very well behaved and well mannered! He has also done beach rides with his owner and been out xc schooling. He comes with full wardrobe, including a fitted ideal saddle, bridle, rug and saddle pad collection. Owner would love to stay In touch.

Sophie Hamilton equestrian


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