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Fun all rounder for experienced home!!

Beth Jay in Leicester

9 years old
Dark Bay
All-Rounder, Happy Hacker and Ex Racehorse
It’s with an extremely heavy heart I’m thinking of selling Biff. Race name earl Biffy biffen TO AN EXPERIENCED HOME ONLY 9yo and 17/17.1hh tb Where do I start. Biff was brought for myself after having a break from horses after loosing my gelding. unfortunately I feel biff has been miss sold and I will be as honest as I can for whom ever is interested. On the ground- Biff is an angel for the farrier, dentis ect enjoys a groom and picking his feet out never bargey and enjoys kisses. Biff has been know to rear when turned out and in (this has happened twice) although never with me but with staff on my livery. He’s very nosey head always out the stable and loves people!! Ridden- when viewing biff he was a lovely ride in the school in walk trot and canter. Out hacking he is very forward and responsive ride and would need an experienced rider only! This is where I lack confidence! I’ve only hacked him once on his own. Biff unfortunately spooked and unseated me! Nothing an experienced rider couldn’t handle but far too much for me and my confidence. I have been told Biff has had some lameness issues in the past when In heavy work ( unsure on how true this is )but absolutely no reason he couldn’t be kept sound if managed properly. (Vet has briefly looked at him and saw no obvious issues) He’s sound now and has had chiro and physio that have no concerns just needs some muscle and top line! I have his physio plan explaining this! Biff could be a great all rounder low level competition horse for someone with experience in Tbs I just can’t offer this!! Biff is a real character and all round lovely boy who everyone loves he’s unfortunately just too much for me. Up to date with vaccs,dentist,farrier,chiropractor and physio and passported I’d be very picky who he ends up with and would like to stay in touch! Home more important than price! Just had a brand new wintect saddle fitted. Leicestershire based

Beth Jay