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Becky O’Neill Equestrian in York

11 years old
Mother-daughter share and Broodmare
** Please read carefully ** Nothing is perfect and sometimes all good things come to those who wait and this is the case with our gorgeous Tallie, 15.2hh 11yr old mare. Tallie has had a lot of inconsistency in her work through absolutely no fault of her own or that of her fabulous family since approximately October time but sadly when Tallie came to us here, although was so honest and genuine, we had concerns of her way of going the more we did with her and she was showing reluctancy to go forwards although still trying her heart out. With speaking in depth with her family, we all agreed that we all owed it to her to be looked at and investigated by the vets and got her in with a specialist orthopaedic vet. Tallie was thoroughly examined, having her back X-rayed and investigation into her sacroiliacs. Tallie doesn’t have KS, although you could argue she has one that is very slightly closer but is NOT KS. What was addressed and discovered was her weakness and discomfort in her Sacroiliac joints and she has had both sides medicated which theoretically is a one off medication as well as a one off injection into one area of her back. Tallie lacks and needs to build up her top line so would benefit from lots of ground work and time (I have an exercise plan recommended by the vets and sent to me so happy to share.) Tallie so deserves a chance with someone with time and knowledge who will allow Tallie to flourish and develop good muscle and top line and go from strength to strength as time will be a great healer and someone will have a very nice quality horse who is very well schooled and dressage trained, for a fraction of her worth. Happy to answers any questions and videos available of her working well. Tallie is the sweetest natured girl and is easy to look after and work with. Open to sensible offers. Thank you for taking the time to read 💖

Becky O’Neill Equestrian


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