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Reg Welsh Section A - lead rein or 2nd ridden

Rachel Ungless in High Wycombe

19 years old
Registered Welsh Section A
Happy Hacker and Hunting
Brodie has been a member of our family for a year and in that time has taken our daughter to weekly lessons, all PC rallies, competitions and camp. He is a brilliant lead rein pony, often coming home with rosettes for tiny cross poles and mounted games. He is a saint to travel, stay away and to do at competitions of all levels. He is handled daily by a six and four year old. For an older jockey, off lead rein, Brodie needs a balanced and confident rider. He much prefers being out and about and would be suited to a hunting or hacking home. He has hacked for miles off lead rein with our six year old and recently completed a 12 mile sponsored ride. As our daughter looks to something bigger and we still have our unicorn fyfr, we find ourselves without a place for Brodie, so reluctantly look for a new home for him where he can be busy. Like all welshes, Brodie has quirks. He never bucks, rears, naps or spins, but he does snatch at little hands when ridden, particularly in the school. For this reason he is not suitable for a tiny one just coming off lead rein, but he is superb for a bold kid looking to enjoy the countryside. Brodie’s price reflects his quirks, but a good home is more important than the price.
High Wycombe

Rachel Ungless

High Wycombe