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Stunning 13hh WPB pony looking for new bestie

Debs D in Bridgend

11 years old
Welsh part bred
All Rounder, Dressage and Pony Club
It’s with a very heavy heart that it has come to that time where we need a new home & a new bestie for our incredible boy Mickey. Neighfield Atomic Welsh Part Bred 12yr 13hh gelding You see these ads all the time and wonder “do they actually do what they say they do?” Well as a horsey mum, I am that one that takes a million videos and photos of every single adventure he’s on, so I can send you all 1.million of them! 🙈😂 If Mickey could talk- 100% he would say…. So I am a superstar- look at me! I can turn my hoof at anything, you should see my fancy legs at dressage. I’ve done xc & fun rides. I like jumping, but not too high (50/60cm) I love the zoomies, and reckon I’d love to have a go at racing I do love hacking, my mum listens to silly music when we go out. We even have fun in open fields and I’m mega! Obviously. I do like to attempt to get my mum to eat dirt when I do my diva bucks but she’s got a sticky bum! I take myself onto the lorry I could be clipped by a child- my nanas clips look like a child’s done it. I am a good patient for the vet, farrier, dentist and back gurus. Mum says a lot that I am a little naughty when she’s leading me, even the big muscled hoomans struggle hahah. I get grumpy eating, but apart from my mums annoying little rat of a dog, I don’t kick or be mean to them. Oh and mum says something about id be a 2nd pony for a little child- I think I would scare a novice because apparently I have an attitude sometimes…. Yeah whatever!!! I love being groomed and pampered- obviously that’s their job! I think if he could talk, we’d be here for days. He’s part of my family and so important to us all, and as my daughter is so light, she can continue to ride him, so we are in no rush to find the perfect new bestie for him. Not suitable for novice, ideal if you have a gutsy child wanting a little more.

Debs D