New Features to Maximise Visibility of Your Horse for Sale

In a competitive environment, standing out is essential for success when advertising horses for sale. At Whickr, we’re dedicated to providing you with effective tools to ensure your adverts are not only seen but also lead to successful sales. Let’s explore why we’ve done it and the details of our newly introduced features, complete with pricing, designed to highlight your listings.

Your Feedback, Our Features: What's New at Whickr

We’ve been listening closely to what you need and have worked hard to make selling and buying horses easier and better for everyone.

When you told us about things that were missing, we didn’t just wait around. We found quick fixes to help right away, without charging extra. Sure, it was a bit tricky at times, but it really helped us understand what’s important to you.

With all this great feedback, we started working on making these fixes a real part of Whickr. Our team put a lot of effort into making sure these new features are easy to use and really make a difference. Whether you want more people to see your ads, reach more folks on social media, or get your ad featured, we’ve got your back.

We thought carefully about how to make these updates valuable for you from the start. This journey taught us a lot. By turning our quick fixes into full-on features, we’re not just making small changes; we’re using what we learned from you to make Whickr even better.

We care a lot about what we do and about making you happy. Your success and thoughts push us to keep getting better, no matter what challenges come up. These updates aren’t just new things to try; they’re improvements that you helped shape, making our community stronger.

Boost Your Horse’s Advert - Elevate to the Top

Visibility is crucial in securing a horse sale, and our Boost feature ensures your advert remains prominent. For a small fee, you can push your listing back to the top, where it’s more likely to be seen by potential buyers.

  • Single Boost: Only £4.99 to return to the top after one week.
  • Weekly Boost: Choose our package to save 20%, with your advert boosted back to the top every week for five weeks at £19.99.

Social Media Power - Broaden Your Advert’s Reach

In the modern digital landscape, social media is a powerful marketing tool. Our Social Media Power add-on maximises this potential, sharing your horse’s for sale advert across our platforms and partner groups to over 340,000 equestrians. Crafted to resonate with potential buyers and generate an impressive average of 500 clicks per post.

One-Off Fee: £14.99 for a significant increase in your advert’s visibility and engagement.

Featured Advert - Prime Positioning

For the utmost in exposure, our Featured Advert service offers unmatched visibility of your horse for sale. Your listing will be prominently placed at the top of our homepage and highlighted to ensure it captures the attention of every potential buyer searching for a new horse.

Seven Days of Visibility: For £49.99, enjoy a week of prime positioning, ensuring your horse for sale advert is always the first seen by Whickr visitors.

Investing in Your Success

At Whickr, we believe in providing value at every turn. That’s why our pricing has been carefully considered to reflect the value each feature brings to your horse selling journey. We’re here to support you, offering tools that are not only effective but also accessible.
Embrace the Whickr Advantage

As we continue to innovate and improve our horses for sale platform, we invite you to take full advantage of these features, designed with your success in mind. With transparent pricing of horse adverts and proven effectiveness, enhancing your sales has never been simpler.

Best wishes,
Team Whickr